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  • A Johnsonville Owner Holding A Lynn & Liana Charcuterie Board around other Lynn & Liana Designs Serving Trays in baskets.


    It has been over 1 year since we introduced your product at The Johnsonville Marketplace. Our customers love that we carry your handmade boards and we are certainly happy to offer them for sale! Customers love when we add our product to the final presentation but they also love being able to purchase just the board with the Johnsonville Logo embossed. Thanks again for your great partnership and keep us posted on new introductions! Sincerely,

    Monica Wind

  • The Corner Cabinet store front


    As a Retailer, I have to say that adding Lynn & Liana Serveware to my product line of Canadian made Artisan pieces was an excellent decision. Customers love them and often come back every time they need another gift. With so much variety in size and colour they are popular for a small gift or for that special wedding present. It is also not uncommon for a customer to buy a board to fill with food to take to an event with the idea of leaving the board as a hostess gift. Lucky hostess !

    Some boards are always displayed in my window where they have proven to be a real show stopper bringing people into the store to check them out. They are beautiful, unique and very practical at the same time. Just what you are looking for when buying a gift, or a special something for yourself ! Definitely a keeper in my Store !

  • A display of Lynn & Liana Designs Pieces at Solomon's Furniture.


    After a few months of carrying Lynn & Liana products at our store, we feel they are an amazing addition to our lineup. Our customers love them and we've even used them on some large purchase giveaways. We use them to decorate our store and have had great feedback from our customers saying they look incredible. We appreciate the quick and easy ordering and great customer service.

    Thank you so much!

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Shipping lead times

Most orders are shipped within 2 weeks. Contact us for exact lead times on your order. If you are looking for corporate gifting, check out ourCorporate Giftingpage.

How to place an order

Contact us directly to place an opening order with the form above!

Best Sellers

Most people are drawn to Navy White Metallic and Ocean vibes. Our Cheese Boards in medium and Large are currently the crowd favorite!

Here is a list of the our top products with the top selling colors.

Large Acacia Cheese Boards

Navy, White, Metallic | Ocean Vibes | Gold Quartz | Onyx

Medium Acacia Cheese Boards

Ocean Vibes | Navy, White, Metallic | Emerald Jewel | Marble

Baguette Acacia Boards

Ocean Vibes | Navy, White, Metallic | Marble | Onyx

A great first order

At Lynn & Liana Designs we recommend an opening order with 2-3 sizes in 2-3 colors to create nice sets for merchandising and go from there. Adding in some accessories is also great for creating a set for your customers!

Board care


For all serveware items (cheese boards, bread boards, round trays, lazy susans & lucite trays) 

Hand wash items with a cloth and warm soapy water. Dry with a towel and allow item to fully air dry overnight. DO NOT place any of our serveware in the dishwasher!


If you are displaying food on a piece of wooden serveware for an extended period of time we recommend placing parchment paper on the wooden surface prior to placing the food on the board. To keep your cheese and bread board looking new, we recommend rubbing a food safe oil onto the wooden surface monthly or as needed. Food safe oils include osmo oil or any other form of food safe mineral oil. You can purchase our recommended cutting board oil on our shop now page!

Product and brand imagery

Once you receive access to the Wholesale site you will be able to get brand images and other resources through the resource section of the site.

Accessories products

Our accessories sell fabulously alongside our cheese boards. They are the perfect paring to go along side any of our Lynn & Liana Serveware. Here are our top Accessories!

Cheese Knife Sets

Introducing two new 4 piece stainless steel cheese knife sets with a gift box! We now offer a 4 piece cheese knife set with Acacia Wood handles and a 4 piece cheese knife set with white ceramic handles. The perfect addition to your Lynn & Liana cheese board, these beautiful cheese knives are made from high quality stainless steel and come with a solid handle and packaged together in an elegant black gift box.

Wood Board Oil

Our Board Oil is 100% Food-Safe and free of toxins and synthetics, perfect for Lynn & Liana's serving boards! Finally, a heavy-duty board oil that doesn't require multiple coats! It will leave your board with a smooth finish and a fresh, moisturized look. The perfect ratio of ingredients locks in the natural wood tones while repelling water and food particles when in use. And it only takes seconds to apply.

Vegan Leather Placemats

Your favorite Lynn & Liana resin designs are now available on beautiful Vegan Leather placemats! We are proud to introduce you to the latest product in the Lynn & Liana line. Our gorgeous new vegan leather placemats add a wonderful pop of color and style to your kitchen table setting. They are sure to be an instant conversation piece! Stitched down the middle, they blend the more traditional solid colors with our beautiful resin designs that we’ve become famous for. Diameter of placemats are: 14.75 inches

What are the sizes?

Medium Acacia Cheese Boards

Dimensions Including Handle: 8″W x 16″L x 5/8″H.

Large Acacia Cheese Boards

Dimensions with Handle: 10″W x 20″L x ¾”H.

XL Acacia Cheese Boards

Dimensions Including Handle: 15″W x 24″L x 3/4″H.

Round Cheese Paddle Acacia Boards

Dimensions: 12” diameter with 5” handle.

Acacia Lazy Susan

Dimensions: 15″ diameter.

Baguette Acacia Boards

Dimensions Including Handle: 5″W x 24″L x 5/8″H.

Acacia Bread Boards

Dimensions: 12” W x 18” L

Lucite Trays

Dimensions: 12" x 18"

Acacia Challah Boards

Dimensions: 12” W x 18” L

Bamboo Round Serving Trays

Dimensions: 15 3/4” Diameter, 1 3/4” height

Promo Boards


For all companies that stock and sell our products we provide branding images, our story for our products, and care instructions you can give to your customers. Another thing we are offering is a display stand you can purchase to go along with your order. These stands look amazing and are a great show piece for your store!