Welcome to Lynn & Liana Designs. We are a family business based out of Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada.

We were inspired to go into business when we saw a fabulous new product called UVPoxy made by our friends at EcoPoxy. UVPoxy is a plant-based epoxy made from recycled bioproducts including; palm oil, soybean oil and cashew nut shells.

When we saw how incredibly beautiful the product was, we wanted to create something special with it. We combined the eco-friendly epoxy with our country’s gorgeous Canadian Maple hardwood and our line of cutting boards and serveware was born!

We started small, but over the past three years have grown to the point where we are supplying our serveware to hundreds of gift boutiques across the United States and Canada.

Why do we do what we do? We are passionate about taking what has previously been considered a waste product and making something beautiful from it.

We love the idea of bringing nature into people’s homes through our materials and designs. Every one of our boards are hand poured, individual works of art created to be as beautiful and unique as each and every one of us.

- Melissa Funk, VP