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Top 3 Housewarming Gift Ideas For Realtors

As a Realtor, you work hard to help your clients buy and sell their homes. You want to make sure that your happy customers remember you for the next time they’re ready to move.

navy blue resin cheese board leaned up against kitchen wall

Our resin-accented cheese boards with your name engraved are the perfect closing gift. Not only will these beautiful cheese boards be used by the new homeowners to serve guests, but they will also be proudly displayed as kitchen décor when not being used. Your client will think of you every time they see their Lynn & Liana cheese board on their kitchen counter, serving their guests, or even hanging on their wall. And, because they are made from the highest quality hardwoods, they will be on display in the home for years to come. They’re the perfect blend of function and décor.

a couple enjoyed a cheese board with wine

Here at Lynn & Liana we offer special discounts and custom ordering options specifically for Realtors! As a Realtor you can receive a fantastic bulk discount on our one-of-a kind Resin Cheese boards with a small minimum order starting at only six items.

Here are 3 of our top sellers that make ideal closing gifts.

1. Promo Board

emerald jewel small resin cheese board

Not only are the promotional boards beautiful, but they are also multi-functional. They can be used to serve cocktails & charcuterie platters, or simply as a stunning kitchen or living room table centerpiece. With a large number of design options available, there are colors to match any home wonderfully!

2. Medium Acacia Cheeseboard

medium sized merlot colored resin cheese board engraved

A classic and timeless piece that can be used to serve a variety of party foods including charcuterie, desserts, appetizers and so much more. It’s the perfect way to elevate your party to the next level! While the cheese board is not in use, it can simply be either hung on the wall as decor or leaned up against the kitchen countertop wall. We guarantee it will be the talk of the kitchen!

3. Large Acacia Cheeseboard

large ocean styled resin cheese board

Not only does it add a gorgeous pop of color to the home, but it’s also super functional. It is the same shape as the medium acacia cheese board, except larger in size meaning you can serve more people!

So how can you customize??

navy blue resin cheese board

We can engrave your business logo and contact information on the front of the cheese board in whatever size you would like. Perhaps a full-sized logo to make a bold statement, a small logo in the corner of the board if you prefer a more subtle look, or we can even engrave the back of the board. The options are endless! Feel free to contact us at to inquire about our realtor specials. We will be happy to help you find the perfect gift!

Happy Gift Giving!

Melissa Lynn Funk


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