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Three Novel Ways to Use Your Serveware Between Parties!

Three Novel Ways to Use Your Serveware Between Parties!

It’s time for a reality check, no one plays the host every evening.

(I mean, even Martha Stewart took a break for a few years…)

This can lead people to pause before investing in a Lynn & Liana product like a Charcuteire board. What do you do with a board when it isn’t show-casing meats, cheeses, nuts, and olives?  

Here’s the great news, we care as much about what happens with your Serveware between parties as when it is impressing your guests.

Here are three great ways to use your Lynn & Liana as décor while you are waiting for the boss to foist an unexpected function on you.

Breakfast In Bed


emerald jewel luctie tray serving coffee and crossaint in bed

Are you someone that loves to spend a Saturday morning relaxing in bed? Perhaps while reading? Any of our pieces, whether it’s a Cheese board or our Lucite tray, can make the perfect vessel for a delicious breakfast in bed!

There’s something magical about taking time for self care and relaxation on the weekend. Time to simply unwind, and enjoy a freshly made coffee in the comfort of your bed.


Display Platform for Cooking Oils



oils and vinegars displayed on a resin lazy susan


Kitchen counters can easily become scattered collections of utensils, containers, and unopened mail.

Step one in this situation is to educate your family that the kitchen is not a drop-off zone. (Right?)

Step 2 is to designate spaces for storing various kitchen essentials. Get your oils and vinegars off the counter and nicely arranged on a charcuterie board or lazy Susan. You could even tuck your mail neatly between the sugar and flour containers, handsomely stationed on their charcuterie board.

Your kitchen is meant to be lived in, and if the kids drop off their homework on the counter while they pass by, this is great, because it means your kitchen is alive with activity!

But that doesn’t mean it needs to be a disaster area. Again, make some boundaries and the clutter will not only stay contained, but it will also look good too.

Lean The Bamboo Serving Tray


navy blue resin accented bamboo serving tray leaned up against a kitchen wall

Leaning your Cheese board or bamboo serving tray against your countertop wall instead of stashing it in a drawer or cupboard is a fantastic way to get more use out of your purchase.

It used to be that when you would walk into your German grandma’s kitchen as a kid that you would see exactly this. She would have her breadbasket, intricately carved bread board, and hand-made wooden spoons in her kitchen. There was a sense of pride in the utility and beauty of kitchen ware.

We can reclaim those days and turn our functional Serveware into beautiful wall décor.  

Lazy Susan as a Centerpiece


white and grey lazy susan displayed on a table along with salt and pepper shakers

We can just about guarantee that when you serve charcuterie on a Lynn & Liana board that it will become a conversation piece. But if dinner doesn’t have appetizers tonight, there isn’t any reason that the conversation should suffer!

Taking Serveware and dressing it up with candles, flowers, and greenery is like taking off a tux and putting on a dinner jacket. Same beautiful, conversation inducing piece in a brand-new outfit.

It’s true that our lazy Susan’s as well as Lucite trays give that nice symmetry that makes a table look great, but there isn’t any reason you can’t accomplish the same look by putting two charcuterie boards end to end.

When a Charcuterie Board is Too Big

It goes without saying that there are times when a charcuterie board won’t fit the space on the counter you want it too, in this case we encourage you to display you board by hanging it on the wall!

The point is there are always creative ways to fix your clutter challenges and beautify your home.

Now it’s your turn!

It’s always fun to see how our creative customers create masterful Charcuterie boards. If you have a novel way to use your Cheese board between parties, take a picture and tag us on Instagram! We often share the best ideas with our followers.

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