sushi charctuerie board

Sushi Board - A New Way To Charcuterie!

I find that Sushi is often one of those meals that people either Love or Hate. For us here at Lynn & Liana, we all LOVE sushi. Sushi makes for a quick and tasty lunch. Now remember the old saying, you eat with your eyes first? This is true.. and your Sushi experience can be made 10x better by being served on one of our unique and stunning Charcuterie Boards.

maki sushi and sashimi served on a black and white gold resin accented cheese board
Charcuterie boards are not for just meat and cheese anymore. Charcuterie boards can be used for anything your heart desires. Whether its dessert, appetizers, brunch, or even sushi.. it will always make for a beautiful dish.
One of the most amazing aspects of Sushi is that the variety is endless. Sashimi served with soy sauce is a great option if you desire the full authentic experience, but not a great option for those that do not enjoy the taste of raw fish.
maki sushi displayed on a black, white and gold resin accented cheese board
Maki Sushi is probably the most common Sushi type outside of Japan. Maki sushi is a rolled sushi, containing a strip of fish, vegetables, or other ingredients and vinegary rice rolled with a sheet of nori seaweed. Like sashimi, dipped in some soy sauce when eaten.

using chopsticks to pick up a maki sushi off of the cheese board
There are many different options for Maki Sushi. At a Japanese restaurant, these are just a few of the types of rolls you will find. chicken teriyaki, beef, shrimp, salmon, yam, egg, veggies, spicy pork, or crab (California roll). This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many restaurants contain up to 50 different types of rolls to choose from. Often people who do not eat fish have never tried Sushi simply because they assume fish is the only option. Luckily no matter what type of meat or vegetables you enjoy, there is something for everyone!
In these photos we served an assortment of Sushi on our Large Caribbean Blue Charcuterie Board. The perfect lunch or dinner for 2-3 people to share. Served alongside soy sauce, ginger and wasabi to complete the meal.

sushi rolls and soy sauce served on an ocean themed resin charcuterie board
With this new innovative way to eat Sushi, you will never want to eat it any other way again!
Click here to grab your very own Charcuterie Board. We loved using our new Caribbean blue design as it fits perfectly with the ocean feel that Sushi brings. However, we have many eye catching design options you can choose from.
Do you have a Charcuterie Board creation you would like to share? Send your photo to for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page @lynnlianadesins.
Happy Hosting!
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