How To Make The Best Beginner Cheese Board

How To Make The Best Beginner Cheese Board

Are you preparing for an upcoming dinner party? Or perhaps you are having a few ladies over for a girls night, and you are wanting to create something unique and delicious. Cheese boards are becoming more and more popular, for many reasons.

woman in white kitchen holding resin cheese board

Why are Cheese Boards a party favorite?

1. You can customize the Cheese board to suit any occasion

Whether it's a work function, family brunch, or kids birthday party.. there is a Cheese board for every occasion. You can stick to a simple meat and cheese platter, create a dessert board, fruit & veggie board, etc.. The possibilities and variations are endless. The board is yours to dream and envision!

XL Cheese board

2. Cheese boards are the perfect appetizer for sharing

A Cheese board makes a great appetizer for any occasion, simply because of the fact that it is easy to share amongst a group. Your guests can pick and choose a variety of different items to enjoy. 

3. They are beautiful!

It's no secret that Cheese boards are beautiful. Whether it's a simple platter or something more extravagant. They are unique and appealing to the eye. A cheese board is a great way to impress your guests! Here at Lynn & Liana we carry a large variety of resin accented Cheese boards with stunning designs, which takes your party appetizer to the next level. 

Medium resin cheese board with brie cheese and meat


So now you know a few reasons WHY you should include a Cheese board at your next party. Now let's talk about HOW to create a simple beginner Cheese Board. This Cheese board is a basic spread perfect for a group of 2-4 people. With minimal effort and only a few minutes of time, you will have a gorgeous Cheese board that will leave your guests amazed.


Here is what you will need:

- 1 round brie cheese

- 100 grams of prochuitto 

- 100 grams of Calabrese salami (round thin slices)

- Crackers or baguette slices

- Mini jar of jam 

- Medium Acacia Cheese Board

cheese board on white kitchen counter top

Steps to create the Cheese Board 

1. Your first step is to cut out 1 small triangle from your Brie. Place the brie on the corner of your board with the triangle slightly removed. 

2. Lay approximately 6 pieces of salami on a flat surface. Overlap them about 1-2 inches. Fold all pieces in half together. Tightly roll the folded pieces of salami until a rose shape is formed. Place beside the Brie.

3. Place slices of prosciutto on the other side of your Brie along the corner

4. Place your mini jam jar in the corner across from your Brie. If you don't have a mini jar, you can simply put a bit of jam into a small ramekin instead.

5. Take your crackers or baguette slices and arrange them overlapping each other wherever there is space left on the board.

woman holding a medium resin cheeseboard in white kitchen


Your Cheese board is now ready to serve! Since the biggest item is the Cheese, we would suggest keeping your crackers/baguette slices close by so you can add more onto the Cheese board as they get low. 

You will absolutely love this simple combination of flavours. The salty meat, creamy cheese, crunchy crackers, and touch of sweet with tartness from the jam. It's the perfect taste in every bite. This Cheese board will leave your taste buds happy and your guests even happier. 

To shop our variety of Resin Cheese boards and Serving trays click here. With many different sizes and design colors, there is a board for everyone! 

Happy Hosting!


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