Engraving on a cheese board with a navy, metallic and white epoxy handle

Are You Looking For The Perfect Corporate Gift?!

Does your company struggle every year to find exciting and unique Christmas gifts for your employees? Perhaps you are always giving out the same old promotional gifts to your customers? We know from past experience that it can be very frustrating to find a special gift in which everyone will like, and more importantly, use year after year!

If that’s you, it's time to consider a Lynn & Liana personalized cheese board or serving tray as a way to elevate your gift giving!

When we first started Lynn & Liana, we were not prepared for the demand that our products would create as corporate gifts. It was quite a pleasant shock when we were contacted by companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and Johnson & Johnson to make custom design cheese boards which the companies could then use as promotional items or give out as thoughtful gifts to their employees.

At Lynn & Liana we can take your company’s colors and make a beautifully designed board for your staff members. They can even be personalized and engraved with any type of message you desire, or you may choose from one of our standard colors if you’re on the search for something a little more neutral.

The same goes for corporate promotional gifts as well. We can engrave your company’s logo on the front of the cheese board and you can choose the size of the logo you would like. Maybe a full sized logo to make a bold statement, a small logo in the corner of the board if you prefer a more subtle look, or we can even engrave the back of the board. The options are endless!

So, if you are one of many people who are in charge of finding new and unique promotional or gift items, consider elevating your gift giving with one of our stunning cheese boards and serving trays. We will design and personalize it to your exact specifications!

Give the gift of functional art that will be loved for years to come!

Feel free to contact us to inquire about the special large volume discounts that we offer.

For all corporate or wholesale inquiries please email Whitney@lynnliana.com.

Happy Gift Giving!

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