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A Top Gift You Can Give To Working Moms

A Top Gift You Can Give To Working Moms 

Shopping for any gift can be tricky. You need to merge functionality, personalization, and style into what you gift.

Home decoration gifts are a wonderful idea for working moms. Before buying anything, take the time to learn a little about the working mom. If it is a friend, there should be no issue. You have probably visited her several times. That helps you understand her decor style and taste. For colleagues, it can be a bit more difficult. In this case, you want to stick to ‘safe’ gifts that can easily blend in. 

Cheese boards


a white and grey cheese board displayed with meat and cheese on a white counter top along with wine

Part of the duties of working moms is to entertain. It could be a meeting of colleagues, family, or friends. Help her make stunning decor statements with stylish serveware. It’s not only appealing to the eye, but also functional.

The word serveware comes from two cultures. The Latin word Service means to serve. The ware comes from the Anglo-Saxon word Waru, which stands for special merchandise. So, think about anything a mom would use to serve food, such as a Cheese board or serving tray. So, how can such items be decor items? Well, it comes down to choosing stylish, unique styles. Here at Lynn & Liana, we carry a wide selection of modern, handcrafted Cheese boards. The perfect vessel for mom’s to serve their delicious meals on. With a fantastic variety of size and design options, there is something for everyone! Custom design options mean you can incorporate what the recipient likes. You can, for instance, choose their favorite colors or patterns to make the serving boards more interesting. And, engraving their names or a special message brings in the true meaning of personalization. 


white and gold resin accented cheese board leaned up against kitchen backsplash

The application of the resin technique results in unique eye-catching features  that are sure to spark conversation. The trick to shopping for home decor gifts for working mums is to meet the balance between style and functionality. Whatever you buy should add value. 

Serveware can easily translate into functional art. A resin cheese board is excellent for entertaining. It gets better, though.. When not in use, the working mom can display the items. She can lean them against the countertop wall or use a serving tray as a tabletop centerpiece. The other alternative is to leave them on the countertop with a simple fruit arrangement. Ready for anyone to grab a snack!

resin ocean styled lazy susan on a living room table top

Grab the Mom in your life a Cheeseboard here

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