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3 Must Have Items For Decorating Your Office Desk!

Whether you work from home or in office, everyone desires to have a space and desk that is comfortable, organized and nicely decorated. If you are spending 8 hours sitting at this desk, you don't want it to be a space that just causes stress from clutter and being unfunctional. There are many fantastic ways you can amp up your office desk, helping it become a place you enjoy spending time at.

We are here to give you inspiration for your work space with these 3 wonderful items!

1. Lucite Tray

Lucite resin tray on a white deck with a book and candle on top

Our Lynn & Liana Lucite Trays are large enough to fit a variety items on top, but not too big that its overwhelming. With many different design options to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your office space. Give your eyes a break from staring at the computer screen by having a gorgeous tray to look at. Whether it's a place to put your books, notepads, pens, glasses etc.. You can have it all placed nicely in one spot easy for you to quickly grab. This Lucite Tray helps your office desk to be as pretty as it can be. 

2. Cedar & Resin Coasters

These Cedar & Resin Coasters are unique and eye-catching. However, since it is cedar it will match well in any office. The last thing you want is your coffee mug leaving a dark ring on your desk. With a set of coasters you will always have a pretty spot to leave your cup of coffee, that will also protect your desk. These coasters also make a great gift as they are a very affordable price point.

3. Bamboo Charging Station

bamboo charging dock station

There's nothing much worse at work then when you are trying to rush and get things done and a bunch of cords keep getting in your way. The clutter of charging cords and electronic cables will overwhelm you and certainly will not make your job any easier. This Bamboo Charging Station accommodates mobile phones, tablets, watches and earbuds. The large base compartment allows you to hide all cables, power strips, or USB hubs to keep them neatly stored out of site. Not to mention that the Cedar Coasters would pair so well with this Charging Station!

Now, keep in mind that you spend a lot of time in this place, and it's ok to take the time and money to help it feel like home. You deserve to enjoy your work space. We might not always love going to work every day, but we can sure love the way our office looks and feels!

Happy Organizing!
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