The Newest Decor Item Your Store Needs!

The Newest Decor Item Your Store Needs!

Did you know that Lynn & Liana also supplies over 1500 retail stores with our gorgeous resin-accented cheese boards and serving trays?


lynn & liana resin cheese boards and serving trays in a variety of designs

From our humble beginnings working from our basement to expanding into our current state-of-the-art studio where all our designer items continue to be made individually by hand, piece by piece. We now have incredible stores selling our unique products in more than a dozen countries.

Whether you own a gift store, small boutique or larger retail chain, we can help you. From the moment you decide to partner with Lynn & Liana, your success becomes our biggest goal.

At the start of Lynn & Liana our only focus was our resin Cheese boards. However, as we expanded and kept growing our company.. we began to design and launch a wider range of products. Including Serving trays, Placemats, Cheese knives, & Coasters.

navy blue resin design ceramic coasters

We are thrilled to announce our latest product! Ceramic Resin Trays!

resin ceramic trays for bathroom or kitchen

These are not only functional, but beautiful works of art that will pleasantly catch your eye. It can be used as a soap tray in the kitchen or washroom, and even as a jewelry tray or "catch all" tray for your bedroom. They truly make the perfect stunning accent piece for any room. How often do small things get left around the house leaving clutter? Or put down and then can't be found again? It happens to most people quite frequently. This is why having a designated place to leave your small things is crucial.

ocean designed ceramic resin tray with jewlery on it

These Resin Trays are the perfect addition to your store. A unique piece that people will not only adore, but also see a need for in their home. Our trays come in 2 different sizes, small and large. There are 9 different color design options available, meaning that your customers will surely find the perfect match for their home.

ceramic resin tray by kitchen sink with soap bottle placed on it

No matter the size of order, Lynn & Liana Designs wants every retailer to feel valued and get the most out of our Resin products.

If you would like to learn more about carrying our products, please email or wholesale manager Or click here to visit or wholesale inquiry page!

To see all of the other amazing products we create, click here!

Have a lovely day!




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