The Functional Art Your Home Needs In 2023!

The Functional Art Your Home Needs In 2023!

2022 is coming to an end, and a new year is ready to begin! 


There is something lovely and refreshing about a "reset" after New Years eve. From taking down the Christmas tree, decluttering, setting personal goals, and re-decorating. January also tends to be the coldest month of the year for many people, which means less time outside and more time spent inside the home. With that being said, we know you want to love your home and enjoy the things inside of it. 


Resin accented Cheese boards leaned up against white walls as decoration


That is where we come in! A work of art that not only can be displayed in your home as an art piece, but also used functionally to serve your favourite foods on! Whether it's a cozy movie night in with the family, a work party, a ladies brunch, or even simply a meal at home alone. You can instantly elevate your food to the next level by serving it on one of our Resin Cheese boards or Resin Serving Trays.


Husband and wife sharing a Charcuterie board of meat and cheese in a white kitchen on a resin accented cheese board


Our pieces are are hand poured here in Canada with an eco-friendly resin, which produces one-of-a-kind designs to enhance the beauty of any kitchen. The best part is you can order your Cheese Board with custom engraving and even select the desired font, which makes it incredibly special and personal. This feature also makes our Cheese boards an extra thoughtful gift.

Resin accented cheese board with custom engraving

Our Cheese boards and Serving Trays are not at all limited to simply the kitchen. Many of our customers love to use their Lynn & Liana pieces all over the house, including the living room as a centrepiece or bedroom as a bedside tray. This not only adds a beautiful pop of color to any room, but also gives you a spot to keep things organized.


resin lazy susan on kitchen table


If you are looking to start your home decor off with a bang in 2023, then be sure to check out all of our best sellers. The guests in your home will surely be impressed!



We wish everyone a wonderful New Year! 



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