watermelon pizza served on a round resin cheese board

Fresh & Delicious Watermelon "Pizza"!

Fresh & Delicious Watermelon "Pizza"!

watermelon fruit pizza served on a raspberry colored resin charcuterie board

Summer is full of sunshine, friends and family, and of course good food! When I think about the perfect summer appetizer or dessert, I think about something light, fresh, and tasty! 

A Watermelon Pizza is a unique item to serve your guests this summer. It is refreshing, fruity, light, and oh so good! Another bonus is that its likely something your guests have never had before. Plus, who doesn't love Watermelon??

grabbing a slice of watermelon pizza off of the resin cheese board

The Steps are simple and quick! 

Step 1. With your Watermelon laying on the side, begin to make straight slices vertically across the Watermelon. 

Step 2. Next, cut the Watermelon circles into triangular slices.

Step 3. Spread on a layer of your favorite yogurt flavor. If you are going for a more tangy bite then consider using plain greek yogurt. For a sweeter snack, we love to use sweetened vanilla yogurt. 

Step 4. Dice up a variety of your favorite fruit. Some great options would be blueberries, strawberries, oranges, kiwi, peaches, banana, etc. Top your Watermelon slices with as much fruit as your heart desires!

watermelon pizza topped with kiwi and grapes served with fruit water

Now that you have your Watermelon Pizza made, you need something just as beautiful to serve it on! Good thing our Resin Cheese boards can be used to serve way more than just cheese! Our Round Acacia Paddle Board is a perfect choice that will catch your guests eyes and leave them impressed with your stunning Watermelon Pizza!

watermelon pizza served on a resin cheese board

We hope you enjoy this fun recipe as much as we did. Follow along on our blog for all things Cheese boards, Hosting tips & recipes you can enjoy on our Resin Charcuterie boards! 

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