Cheese Boards For Every Party

Cheese Boards For Every Party

Let's talk Parties!
We all love a fun party, special occasion, or holiday spent with family and friends!
A time to connect, celebrate, and of course, eat good food!

At every party there is a different occasion or holiday, which means you want to get creative and serve a unique variety of foods every time. Nobody wants to go to parties that have the same food each time.

One issue that comes up when planning a party is "how should I display the food?", and "how should the food be served?". Personally, we believe that the easiest, most beautiful, and most impressive way to serve guests is by creating a Cheese Board.
Now, you may think that means you will then always only be serving meat and cheese. However, a Cheese Board is not in any way limited to Meat & Cheese. You can create any type of board that your heart desires, even if that means there is no cheese at all!
You tailor the Cheese Board to fit the specific occasion or holiday. Let me give you a few ideas!
Christmas Gathering - shaped as a wreath with a variety of cheeses, meats, olives and rosemary
Red Resin Serving Tray with Meat & Cheese shaped as a Christmas wreath
Summer By The Pool Party - watermelon, gouda, salami, green grapes, strawberries,oranges, kiwi, crackers
Summer by the pool on a sunny day with a cheese board served with meat, cheese, and fresh fruit
Bonfire Party - S'mores board with graham crackers, chcoolate, marshmallows, strawberries and brownies
S'mores Charcuterie at a bonfire
Valentines Day - Salami rose, brie cheese cut in the shape on a heart, chocolate covered starberries, strawberry jam, crackers, pecans
Valentines day themed Charcuterie with a salami rose and chocolate covered strawberries
The options are endless! One of the greatest things about Cheese boards is that your guests can pick and choose a variety of different items to enjoy.
The most important part to remember is to have fun and use your creativity. Enjoying the beauty of creating gorgeous platters.
Here at Lynn & Liana we carry a wide range of Cheese Boards and Serving Trays in a unique variety of designs, perfect to fit any home decor. Your guests will be amazed at your beautiful creations!
Happy Hosting!
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