Become a Brand Ambassador!

We are thrilled you're interested in becoming one of the most exclusive members of the Lynn & Liana Community! If you love a beautiful design, home décor, & delicious food, then you are the perfect fit for our Community. Please click the link here or below to access your application. If we approve your application you will receive a follow up "Welcome" email that explains the details & responsibilities of our brand ambassador program.

What is a Lynn & Liana Ambassador?

A Lynn & Liana Ambassador is someone who is passionate about Lynn & Liana Designs and also likes to receive free gifts, exclusive discounts and sometimes, even cash! This person loves hosting and sharing their love for food and our Serveware with their online community. If you are frequently active on social media and enjoy receiving free gifts and extra cash, then becoming a Lynn & Liana Ambassador is the perfect fit for you!

We can't wait to connect!